Other fabric protectors coat the surface of a fabric and can be easily washed away.

MicroSeal’s proprietary nanotechnology penetrates fabrics, without altering color or texture. It permanently seals in every fiber, and only the fiber – so that stains and soils won’t get sealed in, too.

MicroSeal offers:

Permanent stain resistance.
MicroSeal prevents stains by acting like one: invisibly infiltrating fibers, so that stains won’t.

Toxin-free protection.
MicroSeal is safe for humans of every age, their pets and the environment.

Permanent sun fade resistance.
Fabric and rugs that have been treated with MicroSeal are near 100% resistant to fading from sun exposure.

Static and mildew resistance.  MicroSeal reduces both static electricity and mildew growth.

Flame and smoke spread reduction. 
MicroSeal slows flame spread by approximately 13% and smoke inhalation by approximately 25%.

Permanent wear resistance.
MicroSeal stands up to excessive use and survives professional cleanings, over and over again.